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Make a Report to Stopline

Make a report


1300 30 45 50 – Australia
+61 3 9811 3275 – Overseas (Reverse Charges)


Search for Stopline in the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download the free app and submit a disclosure.


Send an email to:


The Glen Cameron Group c/o Stopline, PO Box 403, Diamond Creek, VIC 3089, Australia


Attention: The Glen Cameron Group c/o Stopline
+61 3 9882 4480


This website is part of the service provided by Stopline Pty Ltd to Cameron and its people, contractors and other stakeholders to enable the reporting of any issue that may adversely affect Cameron or its people or reputation. Further information on the sorts of matters that should be reported and the ways that they can be reported are found throughout this site. We encourage you to explore this site and you will find access to the Cameron’s Whistleblower Policy and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the service provided to Cameron by Stopline and how it works.